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Technical Articles
from the
Tuners' Journal
(Circa 1927)

Courtesy of Larry Lobel

Below is the listing of a number of articles written by Wilberton Gould that appeared in the Tuners' Journal back in the late 1920's. Scanned images of the original articles were sent to Player-Care by Larry Lobel in September 2005. Through the magic of OCR (ocular character recognition) software, the images were converted to text files and later edited and formatted into web pages. It is believed that the information contained in these articles is worthy of being archived for future generations, and our personal thanks go out to Larry for considering Player-Care an appropriate place to house these articles. Upon request, the original images will be sent to any interested party.

"Air, What It Is and What It Does" (November 1927)

"How and Why a Valve Activates a Striking Pneumatic" (Pt I, Cont. from November 1927)

"Valves and Their Ills and Remedies" (Pt Ia, Cont. from December 1927) -not available yet

"Valves - And the Various Units of the Player Action" (Pt II, Cont. from January 1928)

"Valves - And the Various Units of the Player Action" (Pt III, Cont. from February 1928)

"Electric Motors" (Cont. from March 1928))

"Electric Expression Pianos" (Cont. from April 1928)

Coming Soon!

Rebuilding the Old Player

Reproducing Pianos (Pt 1)

Reproducing Pianos (Pt 2)

Reproducing Pianos (Pt 3)

Reproducing Pianos (Pt 4)

Methods in Player Work

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