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A two-tier, single-valve action with horizontal valves - pin type, similar to the Lester and Standard, with a metal plate for the valve seat. The valve guide, usually made of wood, was nailed into position. The pouches are typically oval in shape. Usually, the Strauch Bros. decal appeared in the spoolbox. One unique feature of the exhauster assembly was the 'Accenting Device' which spanned the distance between the left and right reservoirs, which are situated directly in front of the exhausters. The action cut-out and air motor control boxes were mounted (respectively) on the wind trunk on the left and right ends.

The Strauch Bros. player action was used in at least 30 different makes of player pianos. In their own words, "This booklet gives in detail, such information regarding the Strauch Pneumatic Player Action as may be desired by the piano manufacturer, the music merchant and the technician". This 28 page, 8-1/2" x 11", booklet has an excellent illustrated parts breakdown which lists of every single piece of hardware used in the player mechanism. It also lists all of the parts in the upright piano action and the grand piano action. Also contained within the booklet are more than half a dozen 'behind the scenes' pictures of various departments inside the huge Strauch Bros. factory.

Strauch Bros. Lower Section (Exhauster Assembly)
Strauch Bros. Valve Parts

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The action is also mentioned briefly in 'Player Piano Servicing & Rebuilding'.

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