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Story & Clark

Usually a three-tier, single-valve type with horizontal valves, but a few had vertical valves. The horizontal valve type was a bit unusual in that it did not use any metal valve plates. Instead, the only way to have access to the valve was to remove the three pneumatic deck boards, then the wooden valve cover plate which each encompassed one third of the stack, three rows deep. Normally a blue colored blotting paper was used for the gaskets. A yellow cardboard disc was at the bottom of the valve well. The leather faced fibre valves independently threaded onto the valve pin. Illustrated below are the two types of player actions used.

There was a later, two-tier action, which had pairs of vertical wooden valves on top of each tier board, sitting loose on the valve pins, and covered by wooden gasketed blocks with atmosphere ports. Each pair of valves were channeled by this block cover (divided in the middle) to flow the vacuum down through either side of the stack to the corresponding pneumatics on the underside.

Story and Clark Pneumatic Unit
Story and Clark Stack/Action

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