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Cable Co.

This is a two-tier stack with pneumatics facing front, pulling down levers across the top of the stack which pivot before passing between the metal tubes leading to the rubber tubing from spool box. The valve is a white circle of Celluloid attached to wooden fluted valve stem with a brad swabbed with shellac. The valve seats upon an 'ant hill' type mound topped with a leather washer. Some actions installed in the Euphona were without levers and pneumatics engage directly with abstract on piano action.

The Cable Co. was very proud of their product, and their trademark was cast into the harps of all their pianos, regardless of what name appeared on the fallboard: Cable, Carola Inner Player, Conover, Euphona, Kingsbury, Tonarch, or Wellington. Since Cable Co. player actions were not used outside this family of pianos, positive identification can be made. If the below trademark does' not appear on the piano harp, it is not a Cable Co. player action. There were many other "Cables" that made pianos, but without any direct connection to the Cable Co.

Cable Co. Name Tag

While there is no Service Manual or Technical Reprint available for this mechanism, there is a detailed 'Euphona' Maintenance Diagram available - CLICK HERE!
There is some information about the mechanism in
'Player Piano Servicing and Rebuilding' by Art Reblitz - CLICK HERE!

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