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Professional Rebuilding Services

While I can't speak for the other technicians listed in my domain, I do offer some Professional Rebuilding Services. Due to time constraints, my services are limited to air motors, sustain devices, tracking devices, small valve blocks, small to medium size bellows, other devices containing a couple of valves. I no longer rebuild stacks, windchests, exhauster (or pumper) assemblies, rotary vacuum pumps, or expression devices in reproducing players.

Any item or part of a player piano can be boxed and sent to us for Professional Rebuilding. We use only the finest quality materials and rebuilding techniques.

For more information and pricing, you can either e-mail me directly by clicking here, or you can call me at (732) 840-8787 from 8 AM (EDT) to 8 PM (EDT) seven days a week. If I happen to be out when you call, please leave a message and I will return your call.

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