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This information comes from Mark Stikkelbroek in the Netherlands:
"I came across your question about the Schrapel player piano in australia. The player system was made by Philipps of Frankfurt, Germany (100% certain). Their 88 note player was introduced in 1911 as the Ducanola. Apart from pneumatic systems for their own production line they made them available to other piano manufacturers to build their own players. Scrapel pianos will be one of these that bought the player systems from Philipps. That is why no mentioning of Philipps or Ducanola is made on this piano. The pillow-pouches in Philipps actions were usually made of zephir skin. All the best, Mark Stikkelbroek, Netherlands"

This webpage (click here) has numerous pictures of the player mechanism.

There is NO Service Manual or Technical Information available for this player system.

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At Player-Care.com, I'm always looking for ways to help people by presenting information about player pianos. Sometimes I need a little help, and every so often I need a lot of help. Now, I need a lot of help. I'm creating a database of information about the Standard Player Action. Basically, the database will help people determine the age of "no-name" player pianos and player pianos about which very little is known. All I need is some simple, easy to find information. If you'd like to participate -click here! Thank you!!

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