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George Bogatko's Last CD
'Something Old, Something New'
CLICK HERE TO ORDER: Something Old, Something New SOLD OUT!!!

Twenty of the best nickelodeon tunes from the 20's and the 90's have been compiled onto this one great CD. Two years in the making and available for $21.00 plus $6.30 USPS Priority shipping w/ Delivery Confirmation - click here to order

Started back in 1998, George Bogatko's long awaited CD contains some of his finest compositions & arrangements to date. All of the classic Roaring 20's tunes were also on George's Capitol 'O' roll, "New Chicago".

Take a quick look at all of the great old favorites and superb new songs contained in this CD. Half of them you may already know, the other ten you will come to know as the best music George Bogatko has composed to date; masterfully arranged just for the nickelodeon. Surely they will get those Toes a Tappin' and they will give the listener a refreshing musical 'look' back into the Jazz & Blues era of old Chicago.

Song Titles on the CD - CLICK HERE TO ORDER

John A Tuttle

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407 19th Ave, Brick, NJ, 08724
Phone Number 732-840-8787
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Now Playing: "You Better Eat Your Breakfast", composed and arranged by George Bogatko.

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