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Player Piano Bellows Cloth
Pneumatic Cloth - Rubberized Cloth

Bellows Cloth

+++ Colors of the cloth may change but the quality will not +++
All cloth is sold by the RUNNING YARD (or Foot) -Width of each type varies
Minimum "Length" we'll cut for ALL Cloth is six inch increments!!
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'Heavy' Bellows Cloth....$113.75/yd. (or $43.75/ft.)

The thickness of this heavy cloth is 0.044". An excellent cloth for feeders, exhausters, and reservoirs. Cotton inside and acrylic outside with a 0.034" inner layer of the highest quality natural rubber. Color is tan on the inside (cotton side) and light brown on the outside (acrylic side). The maximum width is 60 in., available in any length. Also available in 6" x 60" strips for $24.00. Will also sell strips of less than 6" wide for $9.75/sq ft. This cloth is also good for making a 'Mandolin Rail' or 'Honky-Tonk' device. We also sell the 'Mandolin Rail Tabs' -click here. To place an order, Click Here. (If ordering strips, specify the required width.) Minimum shipping for two (2) or more feet of heavy cloth is $13.45.

NOTE: (Limited Supply) Looking for "very heavy cloth" (0.050 in.)? Call 732-840-8787.

Peripheral Devices Cloth ....$110.75/yd. (or $43.00/ft.)

This general purpose cloth is superb for Air Motors, Tracking Devices, Air Motor Governors, Auto-Sustain, and any other application where a medium weight cloth is required. Black/Maroon with natural rubber in the middle. Thickness is 0.014"-0.015". Width is 51".

Due to an increasing demand for correctly biased strips of motor cloth for Spring-Loaded devices like Air Motor Governors, Auto-Sustains, and Equalizers, I am now offering 6" x 25" strips of this cloth for $14.40 ea.

To place an order, Click Here. (If ordering strips, specify; Strips of Type "A" cloth). NOTE: The outside (maroon side) of the cloth is a bit smoother and shinier than the inside (black side). You can feel the difference when you touch the cloth. In a bright light, you can also see the difference.

Striker Pneumatic Cloth.... $111.00/yd. (or $42.00/ft.)
Oct 30, 2017: All of this cloth is gone.

Simply the finest 'rubber-coated' Striker Pneumatic Cloth in the World. Thickness is 0.009-0.010 in. Width is 52 in. Have a small job that requires very little cloth? 6" x 25" strips are available for $16.00. To place an order, Click Here. For information about the amount needed per stack, see: How Much Cloth

Reed Organ Bellows Cloth....

This is excellent quality reed organ bellows cloth. White cotton cloth inside with a thick natural rubber coating on the outside. Thickness is 0.022-0.024 in. Sold in strips measuring 2-1/3 ft. x 7 ft. for $7.65/sq. ft. ($125.00). Minimum shipping cost is $13.60 (includes Delivery Confirmation). NOTE: This cloth is not recommended for use in player pianos. To place an order, Click Here.

We also have various sized pieces that are sold 'as is'.... click here!

WHAT IS A RUNNING YARD OR FOOT OF CLOTH? Bellows cloth is NOT sold by the Square Yard or Square Foot. We buy 'bolts' or rolls of cloth from the manufacturer. The width of the bolt varies from one type of cloth to another. So, if you buy one foot of heavy cloth, you get a piece that measures 60" by 12". If you buy one yard of striker pneumatic cloth, you get a piece that measures 52" x 36".

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Regarding shipping, items are combined into one order whenever possible to save on the cost of shipping. By default, all goods are shipped via USPS Priority Mail in Flat Rate boxes or envelopes with Delivery Confirmation. Unless otherwise noted, the Minimum Shipping charge within the U.S. is $7.15. To read our 'Returned Goods' policy, please click here. To read our Privacy Policy, please click here.

Player Piano Parts and Supplies: I have literally thousands of miscellaneous parts and supplies for player pianos; some new, some used. If you can't find it anywhere else, send me an email (click here) and I'll try to locate it for you. Since I no longer service or rebuild players, everything I've collected since 1972 is for sale.

For more detailed information about how business is conducted at Player-Care -click here.

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